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ONUKA (Paris)
14 May 2024

ONUKA (Paris)

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Cabaret Sauvage
59 Bd Macdonald, 75019 Paris, France

About the show

ONUKA is a Ukrainian electro-folk band created by Nata Zhyzhchenko, a singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and Yevhen Filatov (THE MANEKEN), a musician, composer, sound producer, and director. ONUKA's sound is an organic blend of electronics, contemporary pop music, and Ukrainian folk instruments. ONUKA was the first to bring the rich heritage of Ukrainian culture to a wide audience in the context of modern music.

The European tour "ROOM" is an extension of the Ukrainian tour - the presentation of the band's latest album and a separate opportunity for all Ukrainians to be heard and seen beyond the borders of Ukraine, a chance to share everything that has accumulated inside and to tell through music everything that Ukrainians have on their minds. Soon, ONUKA will perform in Warsaw, Prague, Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Brussels, Paris  and Munich.

"ROOM" is the fourth musical album of the band, each song of which is dedicated to the special issues faced by Ukrainians today in the conditions of war. None of the Ukrainians chose to be in these events, no one expected that their lives would be divided into "before" and "after." Few had the time, opportunity, and space to realize their forcibly new life and rethink their dreams of the future. Each song of the album is dedicated to those dramatic emotions and situations in which Ukrainians found themselves.

The album includes 10 songs, two of which were previously released as singles: the piercing ballad "Dusha Narodu" and the energetic, life-affirming "PEREMOHA." The track "PEREMOHA" made it to the EQUAL Global playlist with nearly a million subscribers, and ONUKA became the Ukrainian ambassador of Spotify Equal, demonstrating the band's social responsibility.

"I hope and believe that each listen to our music brings us closer to victory, both indirectly and literally, because music unites, music heals, music saves, music gives and music triumphs."  Nata Zhyzhchenko as a Spotify Equal ambassador.

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